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From the Late 17c onward ever changing styles flourished in England With Emphasis “ on 

 Classicalism” thus eluding to Neo Classical seen throughout Londons Interior Design.

The new Term “NeoClassical” thrived at the end of the 18c. Thus breaking up the word Neo Classical Interior Design means: “Neo” meaning “ New” and “Classical” of course Classical design, included far-off fantasies of one immense imagination which would be some 1600 years prior.

With the Eruption of Mount Vesuvius in 79 AD, there was a Sealant of ashes and gasses that sealed an entire city to an ever so real picture that made an almost perfect rendering of any artist’s concept of what to create in the Romanism manner.

When the volcano eruption happened again some 1700 years later this time there was the “Converse” happening thus a whole ( unearthing) project digging taking place and led the way to many excavations after the discovery of a Roman Statue from a resident. 

This began and was of the present thrive of around 1790 with a lust and passion desire to see how the same piece of earth inhabited humans once before

Shy of 2000 years 

There began a massive “ unearthing” thus pulling hundreds of feet of layered mud and soil thus exposing Roman settlements homes , Roman statues Roman Stone and limestone carvings are never seen before.

The contemporary artist of the present day circa 1790 had a blank canvas that was sketched out in imagination for any newly yearning artist , carver to discover there new rendition with a head start.

Then it was up to the artist, woodcarver, mason stone carver, furniture maker barista to give their thought and take on what any Roman Emperor would acknowledge. 

The newly discovered “ motifs” of Ancient Roman Interior Design became “ In Vogue ” to all London interior Designers and furniture makers such as Robert Adam who was expressing his take on what Italian Neo-Classical furniture would look like in his workshop in England.

Many buildings in London and Homes in London have these “Swags and garlands” both painted, carved , forged in iron to highly sculptured stone Plinth Painted and carved to many “ built-in 

Permanent structures throughout the city of London and country of England.

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The whole Continent of Europe followed this lovely elegant style of Beautifully assembled Symmetry flanked by Roman Collums thus setting the major “ caption” of any formal room or yard of Antique Garden Statuary present in a place of importance.

The Italians Mastered this style around 1790 thus exhibiting to the world lovely green tones with Pompeian red colours of Rust and Earth Tones used as a “ base tone” throughout. 

After the eruption in the late 18c. The whole ground was exposed and all the new art used these “ newly seen” cities and backdrops to there current vision/version of how art is present.

Above and through the design would be some “Mythical Creatures often of ones extravagant fantasy while in Euphoria.

Lady’s on swings to pheasants with exquisitely detailed chain flowing to a Classical urn or used as ( outline) to “square off” a outline of furniture such as a Armoire similar to Rue Michelle’s Italian 18c NeoClassical armoire .

As in the Armoire that is presently in the  Current Inventory of Rue Michelle.

This highly decorative and rare 18 century I NeoClassical Armoire dates to the late 18c lovely cream tones with hues of a almost mustard colour.

Strong bold presence is evident of this almost “structure like” Architectual Designed piece of furniture.

This is something we at Rue Michelle Interior Design would use in a London interior Design job or New York Interior design or a Montecito Interior Design job to A Napa Interior Design.

This Classical focal piece would easily blend with a tea stained neutral fabric contemporary couch thus setting a clean monotone to sit back and focus one’s attention on a piece of furniture that was painted over 200 years ago of one’s imagination 1600 years before that.

Homes in London, Oxford Square ,South Kennington and Pickadelli have many Romanism attributes to them throughout thus high ceilings supurb moundings and often “ Classical figures” or “Classical

Motifs to the Main Structure of many front facing buildings.

Many buildings and small within zones have curved and sloping buildings and streets.

This would play a significant backdrop to any Modern Art or Some Modern Design thus curved angles of Mid Century Artists giving there interpretation of what art should be.

The ultimate is finding a “ period 18-17century water gilt frame with Jesso that the artist used in 1940-1970.

When we find these harmonious art pieces my first thought is to use it for a Interior Design project in Manhattan or New York or a project for Interior Design in the Hamptons or a London Interior Design project.

Harmoniously this armoire would blend equally wether it be a London Residential

interior Design or a london Commercial Interior Design job to a Resturant Interior Design setting in the main room next to a fireplace with striking Italian French crystal and bronze sconces , with a painting of one’s desire wether it be “ antique” or Modern still life or figurative or a portrait . 

Many Modern Artist both very famous and of minor antique appraisal value of Decoration Value increase there price and value significantly with the the extra tributes that they use in there art.

I first learned this when I used my extremely Important portrait of Francoise Gilot Circa 1953/1954 the last years she lived with Pablo Picasso after 13 years.

This work by Francoise Gilot has linear aspects strong rounded and zagged lines of modern art with yet a “Softness “ of gold present in a hand gilt frame of the 19/18century,which was in a 19-18 c French water gilded frame.

 For a close look and how this piece was used See Rue Michelle Antiques catalog raisonne Portfolio slide show home page circa 1995

Wether it be a Classical flat or a Classical inspired modern collection you are trying to build or do get ahold of me for a free consultation . 

I’ll fly in and discuss what my rendition would be some 200 years after the 3rd time this style is to be used.

We easily can mix a Classical home with modern furniture or contemporary couches / furnishings.modern art Contemporary Art.

In my travels and extensive collection of contacts I will find the necessary furnishings and art that I’ll source worldwide for you to can also enjoy “

Your interpretation of how a mini Modern Roman Villa should be.

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