frequently asked questions

We consider taking items only from the reputed seller or buyers with the certification of the originality, and for which there is a ready market, on consignment. We consider purchasing outright items that have a lesser value and a ready market. Learn more at Selling to the preferred location.

Yes. Through our long-term formal professional association with major auction houses, we can place select items for sale in those venues, charging you the same commission rates that you would expect if you dealt with them directly.

Yes. We are always looking for exceptional groups of antique furnishings, decorations, fine art and rare collectibles that can comprise a sale on their own, or around which we can build a larger sale. Please see our Auction Archives for past examples.

Yes. We are happy to refer you to a reliable local business that might be interested in items that are not of interest to us.

If you require a written appraisal, please contact us and we can refer you to a reputable local appraiser who may be able to help.

We do not provide insurance appraisals, but we are happy to refer you to a reputable local appraiser who may be able to help.

We are happy to look at any items you would like to bring in. As a courtesy to our other clients, we do ask that you keep it to a box of items, not a carload, without prior arrangement.

Yes. Please upload your images to our contact form. Please include a detailed view of any markings on the items.

We serve the Capital Region and will generally travel to any location in the Northeast or as per our dealers in the region, with appropriate arrangements.

We assisted our first client in 1985. We’ve been buying, selling, auctioning, and appraising antiques full time for more than 25+ years.

Yes. We are one of the best names in this business, our team inspects the antiques, and in case of damage or if we did not find genuine- We simply don’t  buy or sell online.

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