Genuine and

Certified Appraisers

We are licensed certified appraisers specializing in household properties fine antique fine art with emphasis on European and Chinese antiques and contemporary art. Having been leading dealers worldwide we work with a massive list of specialists that we have gathered throughout our 28 years of business.


Most commonly used in property damage situations when you need to find the item in the same condition and value as before.

Fair Market

This is based off of the going rate trade price.

Fair Value

Fair market value refers to the price a particular item would be expected to sell by the owner.

What do we offer?

Here at Rue Michelle, we provide complete transparency between the buyer and seller and our experts physically check the quality, durability, and originality of the antiques. We believe in preserving the culture of art along with the antiques and design we offer. Asian and European buyers will appreciate what Rue Michelle and the associate provider provide, it makes a difference. We invite you to step into our world and share our passion and commitment by embracing the timeless beauty of fine antiques as your own. Kindly visit our website for more details.


We also offer insurance on our antiques (on demand), it helps to secure from any damage and keeps the same value as before.

Direct Approach

Rue Michelle is committed to fair pricing and quality. If you want to sell your product, we will send our expert at your doorstep to collect the antique product. 

Authenticity is our priority

When it comes to genuine antiques, most of the companies look confused. But we eliminate third parties concept and we directly sell on our website

We Serve in the US and other parts of the World

We are passionate about collecting antiques, no matter how much distance we need to cover.

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