Interior Design

Interior Design

We offer interior design as well as exterior design including landscape design, providing antique garden statuary, antique fountains, antique urns, orchids, palm trees, etc. to your garden. We search around the globe for antique architectural fragments, including arches or antique pieces we can fit into your home such as antique iron gates, antique fountains, antique chandeliers, antique sconces or anything that catches our eye.


We can schedule work with international faux painters (one of which has been on the cover of Architectural Digest 6 times “Karen Linder”). We also work with upcoming Chicago specialty painters who do a wonderful job on Hollywood Glamour, spraying: ivory lacquer, to “silver leaf finish” to “faux bois” also gold leaf squares, and antique type Chinese wall paper (birds, pheasants, magpies, exotic plants).

Replating is available such as replating hinges (Nickel finish) replating handles and fixtures.

Our kitchen renovations can be done with black lucite or by changing cabinets or spraying lacquer. We custom design kitchen islands, using antique tiles for accents.

We provide the expertise and knowledge of 20 years in the antique business to assure each client that they not only are getting the look, but more important the “Assurance” of value when putting and assembling a permanent antique or art collection, and also the reacquisition of your assets should a future design change occur. Very few designers can offer this, reason being not all designers have the expertise or antique knowledge, and rely on what a dealer proclaims a piece to be. We are a dealer and know the business, what to pay and what not to pay, if the piece is made up of earlier fragments or if the antique piece is right. As a quote from a noted New York City dealer said to my Park Ave French Deco client (3-3-07),who is getting the cover of Architectural Digest, “you are lucky you have Arik to help you, most designers when they come my store they” and pointed to a non important item and became quiet. This is a perfect example of what Rue Michelle offers you.


We also can build your dream house, development project, or what have you from the ground up. Did you know that in the state of California you don’t have to be a contractor to build a house as long as everyone you subcontract underneath you has a contractor’s license (framing, foundation cement, electrical etc.)? As far as architects go we are very happy to work with and assist your architect. We think that is great, however we also can draw up a sketch up plans and have a architectural student finish the lines. It is also true that you don’t have to be an architect to build a home as long as a engineer approves and stamps your design, so we are happy to give you our concept of what a mansion could be. We are able to do your entire project from head to toe, you relax we’ll handle it. In every project we will find the best people in your city to delegate each task, you don’t have to be bothered. You pay one package deal price for advising, consulting, delegating, rendering, and handling and managing a complete project if need be.


At Rue Michelle we offer our interior design services limited but not only to French Art Deco interior design, Venetian interior design, Painted Italian interior design, Antique Italian interior design, Neo-Classic interior design, Tuscan interior design, French Formal interior design, including Louis XVI interior design, Louis XV interior design, French Country interior design, also Mid century interior design, Hollywood Regency interior design and Hollywood Glamour 40s interior design.


We will travel anywhere in the world, establish and set up all the necessary criteria to accomplish your projects needs, including finding out your cities best contractors, superintendents, electricians, carpenters or whatever it takes to accomplish your project, no job is to small or too large.


We offer corporate interior design and of course residential interior design


We frequent the following areas and are happy to do La Jolla interior design, Rancho Santa Fe interior design, Newport Beach interior design, Beverly Hills interior design, Santa Barbra interior design, San Francisco interior design, New York City interior design, New York interior design, Hamptons interior design, East Hamptons interior design, Palm Beach interior design, Miami interior design, Greenwich interior design, and Dubai interior design.


Remember we will fly anywhere in the world

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