Chinese Jade & Jadite

We Buy Chinese Antiques.

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Chinese Jade & Jadite

We buy Chinese jade & Jadite.

We would be delighted to purchase the following items:

Huanghuali furniture including horseshoe chairs, yokeback chairs, consoles, compound chests,cabinets etc.

Chinese porcelain from the various periods Qianglong porcelain, Daoguang marked porcelain ,Jiajing porcelain and Republic porcelain.panels and Republic vases etc.

Very interested in purchasing anything “Imperial Chinese” such as porcelain, jade, textiles bronzes ,archaic bronzes, court robes, Imperial Edicts Imperial presentation pieces Imperial cloissone Imperial lacquer Qianglong or Jiajing, we buy cinnabar lacquer from the Yuan period to the Qianglong period.

We buy antique Chinese paintings buying Chinese scrolls and paintings from the Yuan perid to the Republic period and would be of great interest to buy any noted Chinese artist from the 20c.buying contemporary Chinese art and Modern Chinese art.

Tibetan bronzes from the 14 century to the 18th century they may be Tibetan gilt bronze Buddhas, gilt bronze Tara, or a gilt bronze Amitayus bronze,or a gilt bronze figure of Avalokitesvara & we buy “antique Tibetan Thangkas”.

Chinese items from the following collections: Yamanaka Company , Bluett and sons, Spinx.

  • Archaic Chinese Jade
  • Archaic Chinese Jade Collected in China by A.W.Bahr
  • Archaic Chinese Jade; from the Edward and Louise B. Sonnenschein Collection
  • Archaic Chinese Jades;the Mr.and Mrs Ivan Hart Collection
  • Archaic Jade Collection of Hon. Che-fu Tang
  • Archaic Jades in the Pillsburry Collection
  • Bishop Collection of Jade and Other Hard Stones
  • Carving of Jade in the Shang Period
  • Carvings in Jade, Ivory, Rhinoceros Horn and Bamboo
  • Cataloge; Stanley Charles Nott Collection of Jade and Rock Crystal
  • Ch’ien Lung Jade Lent by Mr. and Mrs. Searle
  • Ch’ien Lung Incense Burner in White Jade
  • Chinese Art: From the collection of the Hon. Hugh Scott
  • Chinese Art: From the collection of James W. and Marilynn Aldsorf
  • Chinese Ceramics, Bronzes and Jades in the Collection of Sir Alana and Lady Barlow
  • Chinese Jade Bowl
  • Chinese Jade Buffalo
  • Chinese Jade Carvings
  • Chinese Jade Caving by Bluett
  • Collection of Mrs. Georg Vetlesen
  • Chinese Jade in the Shape of an Archaic Bronze Ritual Vessel
  • Chinese Jades from Han to Ch’ing
  • Chinese Jades from Shang to Ch’ing
  • Chinese Jades in the Avery Brundage Collection
  • Collection of Mr. and Mrs. Gerry P. Mack; Snuff Bottles and Jade and Other Hardstones
  • Edmund C.Converse Bequest
  • Eighteenth Century Jade
  • Eighteenth Century Jades at the Galleries of Ton Yin
  • Ernest B. Dane, Class of 1892 and the Helen P. Dane Collection
  • Exhibition of Islamic Jades
  • Exhibition of Jades: Yamanaka & Co.
  • Exhibition of Pottery and Porcelains of the Sung, Ming, and Ch’ing Dynasties, and Early Chinese Jades
  • First Showing of the Pillsbury Collection
  • George Byron Gordon Memorial Collection
  • Grenville L. Winthrop; Retrospective for a Collector
  • Gump’s Treasure Trade; A story of San Francisco
  • Heber R. Bishop Collection of Jade and other Hard Stones
  • Heber Reginald Bishop and his Jade Collection
  • Herbert J. Devine Collection of Early Chinese Jades
  • Imperial Chinese Seals
  • Imperial Jades
  • Imperial Jades in the Summer Palace Collection
  • Imperial Pagoda
  • Incense Burner and Cover in Deep Spinish-Green Jade
  • Inscribed Jade Cup from Samarqand
  • Jade Altar Set of the Ch’ien Lung Period at Gump’s in San Francisco
  • Jade Imperial Altar Set
  • Jades from the collection of Wu Ta Ch’eng
  • Jades in the T.B. Walker Collection at the Walker Art Center
  • James Hilton Bequest of Jades
  • John L. and Helen Kellog Hall of Jade Acquired by the Field Museum of Natural History in Chicago
  • John Yates Collection of Chinese Jade and Other Hard Stones
  • Lecture on Chinese Jades in the Brundage Collection
  • Loan Exhibition of Imperial Jades
  • Morgan Whitney Collection of Chinese Jades and other Hard Stones donated to the Isaac Delgado Museum of Art
  • Notable Jades in Searle Collection
  • Oscar Raphael Collection for the Nation
  • Pair of Sung Jade Pieces
  • R.Norris Shreve Jade Collection
  • Randon Collection of Chinese Jades and Pottery
  • Rutherson Collection at South Kensington
  • sedgwick Bequest
  • Selection of Chinese Carvings in Jade of View at Spin K & sons
  • Selection from Oriental Objects of Art Collected by Worcester Reed Warner
  • Seligman Collection of Oriental Art
  • Sonnenschein Jade Collection
  • White Jade Buckles with a Ch’ien Lung Inscription
  • Winthrop Collection of Chinese Jade
  • Wong Collection of Ancient Chinese Jades
  • Woodward Collection; Jades and Other Hard Stones
  • Yuchikusaizo-kogyokufu; or, the Early Chinese Jade in the Collection of the Late Ruchi Uyeno
  • Allendale Collection
  • Alsdorf Collection
  • Archaic Chinese Jades from the Edward and Louis B.Sonnenschein Collection
  • Barlow Collectin
  • Beveridge Mrs. Albert J.
  • Biever, CF
  • Biever Collection
  • Bluett and Sons Galleries, London
  • Chinese Art, Smith College Exhibition
  • Crofts Collection
  • Cunliffe Collection
  • David, Sir Percival and Lady
  • Dayton Art Institute
  • Drummond collection
  • Drummond, Dr. I. Wyman
  • Duca de Padova collection (Piedmonte)
  • Eumorfopoulos Collection
  • Eumorfopoulos, George
  • Fiacchi Collection
  • Frantzius, Fritz Von
  • Freer, Charles L
  • Freer Collection
  • Fuller Collection
  • Oppenheim Collection


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We also buy Chinese antiques and we also buy Zitan wood, Huanghuali chairs , consoles ,compound chests , Snuff bottle collections,lacquer,cloissone from the Ching period and from the Ming period .
Virtually unknown, ztitan, in the West for a long time, it is possibly the most prized wood among tropical hardwoods because of its rarity. Although the zitan tree is not extinct, it is very slow growing and the growth is confined to southern China, Indochina and islands in the Indian Ocean.

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