Free Verbal Appraisals

We do the following appraisals we specialize in appraisale of Asian Art, we focus on appraisals of Chinese antiques as well as Chinese paintings. Rue Michelle works with a vast array of experts in the Chinese art field . Our specalists are in Europe Asia and America and we catagorize each item and seek opions from our colleagues who work in leading museums in the world as well as auction specialists and long time leading dealers in the world as well as noted scholars in each field.

The following Chinese items we often appraise are jade, porcelain, bronze figures of Buddha ,Avalketshevara,Tara and other figures , old scrolls, Chinese paintings, Chinese furniture such as huanghuali, Zitan, Hogmu. etc. We appraise textiles such as robes ,hanging fabric etc. We appraise Imperial antiques both Chinese and Japanese. we appraise Thangkas and other Tibetan items as well.

We also provide appraisals for European “classical furniture and decorative arts” which encompasses French ,Italian, English furniture from the 17 century to the 19c. includeing items such as Art Deco . Items may include paintings ,glass,porcelain ,bronzes etc. As well as rare or obscere items of immense rareity.

We also provide appraisals for modern art and contemporary art and just about every type of art on the market as long as the artist is a “noted artest’ which a track record of sales.


Note there are several ‘catagories” of how we determine a price of a item ,below is the explination of how we ‘determine’ a price.

Fair market value— which is generaly what the “going rate” for a item is if you had time to look around

Replacement value–this is a case by case scenario in which a item or items get lost or stolen and the owner needs to replace this item immeadiately, hence therefore he or she has to purchase the item or items on a ‘availability basis” on the current market.

Insurance value—-this is a scenario whereby a item gets broken or damaged or stolen or lost and the client has to buy it at’full retail” value.


Prices are the following, written typed out appraisale on Rue Michelle letterhead are $175.00 a hour, minimum $100.

Verbal appraisals are Free, up to 5 items.
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