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We buy Chinese Antiques

Welcome to Rue Michelle where you will find from 17th century,18th century, 19th century, French, Italian, and English antiques, as well as decorative arts. In addition you will find an assortment of mid century American and European modern mid century items available. “We offer Interior Design of all styles and periods. We can match your style completely. We help assemble permanent and temporary art and antique collections which will continue to appreciate in value.”

Being in the business for just shy of one fifth of a century you will find items that have been filtered out among the norm. Here at Rue Michelle things have to speak to us and our clients. If you notice are archived photos we were mixing modern and mid century items as far back as the early 1990’s that is 15 years ahead of the current trend “of mixing Modern and mid century with antiques”, see the photo with the Francoise Gilot among the Louis Vuitton. We do not follow trends we set them having a unique ability to predict future colors and fore coming trends .

We offer interior design of all styles and periods, we can do whatever you want. In addition, we help assemble “private and corporate” permanent and temporary “antique”, “modern” and “art” collections that maintain value and subsequently increase over time. This is important for in these uncertain times it always helps to have a “exit strategy” for your assets in the event a “deacquisition” should arise. In antiques and art, the “upper end” always retains value and in this level it would merit selling off international (the Euro, the pound) in the event America stagnates, or maybe after time you want to change your living room around, this happens often. Often we can build and incorporate antiques, and architectural elements to become “permanent fixtures” which stay permanently with your property resulting in a “unique and gorgeous” property which is very important in a flooded market, for “Realtors and housing investors’ this is a must. European buyers, east coast and affluent and distinguished clients will appreciate what Rue Michelle and associates provide; it will make a difference, call us for details.